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The VNC Mail History Zimlet is a Zimlet package for Zimbra. It allows users to track sent emails. Features: No configuration required Track emails Display history in tabular format Printing...

Downloads: 1843 | Categories: Mail

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Downloads: 1463 | Categories: Business, CRM

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Do your users complain about lack of mailbox space? Zimbra does not provide a way of visualizing how the used space is distributed. Zimcleaner's aim is to analyze the user's mailbox and ease its...

Downloads: 2538 | Categories: Business, Mail, Photos and Files, Utilities

This zimlet shows weather information in Japan in miniCal area and on a dialog box.    Features: You can use your location information on Firefox and Chrome. You can select a...

Downloads: 1355 | Categories: Fun, Utilities, Web

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ZadmiN lets you manage, monitor and administer any number of Zimbra email servers from your Android smartphone or tablet. You can easily:• View the status of all running services on the server•...

Downloads: 3555 | Categories: Business, Developer Tools, Mail, Organization, Utilities

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QuiVIDEO Zimlet is a professional tool combining a cloud videoconference service powered by Vidyo, with Zimbra mail and collaboration system. This brand new combination enables QuiVIDEO...

Downloads: 2634 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Contacts, Organization, Telecom, Utilities, Web

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Downloads: 2238 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization

This small zimlet moves send (replied or forwarded) messages to the folder with original message. Works with shared folders to. It's now known ussie with "onSendMsgSuccess" function...

Downloads: 1189 | Categories: Mail

This zimlet add context menu button for mass removing all attachments in selected messages.  

Downloads: 1801 | Categories: Mail, Utilities

A Chrome extension for a quick glimpse of your Zimbra Webmail unread messages with notifications. Zimbra Notifications is an open source extension, you can download all of the code...

Downloads: 23670 | Categories: Mail

ZimbraFlow ITALIAN ZimbraFlow è un'estensione di Zimbra che utilizza la libreria OpenZAL.E' compatibile con OpenZAL 1.5 e Zimbra dalla version 6.0.7 alla versione 8.5.1. La versione di...

Downloads: 1115 | Categories: Developer Tools, Utilities

Zimbra is very new in market & but had already manage to create a niche client base for itself. The features offered by Zimbra are new & unique, which most users are liking. This...

Downloads: 3806 | Categories: Utilities

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The VNCclick2dial Zimlet enables users to seamlessly integrate popular VoIP services SIPGate or Placetel with Zimbra, allowing users to place direct calls from e-mails, signatures, addressbook...

Downloads: 12784 | Categories: Business, Telecom

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This is a copy of Birthday Reminder Zimlet that is copied from the upstream Zimbra FOSS source. Tthis version was taken from git in May 2015. It was last tested in 2021 on Zimbra 9. The source was...

Downloads: 2342 | Categories: Mail

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Block hyperlinks inside mail messages

Downloads: 1743 | Categories: Mail

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Meldmail transforms your inbox and groups emails by contacts, so you can connect with friends instantly and filter out spammers quickly. Experience an Inbox that's up to 90% smaller and respond to...

Downloads: 1863 | Categories: Mail

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RMail for Zimbra RMail | The global standard for secure & certified electronic communications Production ready. Installing cd /tmp wget --no-cache...

Downloads: 1292 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization

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Zimbra StartMeeting integration (development not for production) StartMeeting easy-to-use online meetings with HD audio, video conferencing and screen sharing. If you are interested in using...

Downloads: 1400 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Organization, Telecom

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Zimbra RocketChat integration Zimlet for Zimbra 8.8.15 and Zimbra 9. This Zimlet will automatically create accounts for your users and will log them on to Rocket Chat automatically. The Zimlet...

Downloads: 1981 | Categories: Business, Fun, Organization

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Zimbra BigBlueButton Integration Install prerequisites Zimbra 8.8 and above Installing Use the automated installer: wget...

Downloads: 1216 | Categories: Business, Calendar