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The SSLPost BE Zimlet used in conjunction with SSLPost Boundary Encryption Server allows organisations to easily implement encryption solutions. The SSLPost BE Zimlet adds in an additonal "Send Securely" button in the Compose window of the Zimbra Web UI. SSLPost encrypts Emails or Documents using a combination of Transport and Block level encryption components to ensure data is always encrypted throughout transport or at rest. SSLPost encrypts your data with AES and RSA algorithms, and only transfers your data with the highest SSL ciphers available. SSLPost technology is patented and provides a simple method of encrypting data over a network.

For a free trial please signup up today at https://secure.sslpost.com/app/signup/

SSLPost Boundary Encryption Server is required for the SSLPost ZImlet, please contact support@sslpost.com or goto our website at http://www.sslpost.com


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Created on 10/14/11
Updated on 10/4/15