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Zimbra WebDAV Client User manual : https://zetalliance.org/owncloud-zimlet/ Integrate any WebDAV server in Zimbra Collaboration, currently tested with ownCloud 9.1, Nextcloud 22, Seafile 7.0.7,...

Downloads: 8612 | Categories: Business

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The Zimlet Sideloader provides an easy way to run Zimlets for development and testing purposes without having to actually deploy a Zimlet on your server. The Sideloader itself is also a Zimlet...

Downloads: 24 | Categories: Developer Tools

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The User Session Management Zimlet lets you see all your active sessions and synced mobile devices from the Modern UI without asking your administrator. To find the Zimlet, click the gear menu ->...

Downloads: 24 | Categories: Business, Organization, Utilities

This Zimlet adds a menu item in the More menu to export/download an email to an eml file.

Downloads: 57 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization

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Adds a button in Zimbra when you schedule a new appointment, by clicking the button you can instantly add a Jitsi meeting URL and send it to your attendees. This Zimlet is in the Zimbra...

Downloads: 254 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Organization, Telecom

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Integrate 3rd party web-apps in Zimbra with the AnyFrame Zimlet Integration with Zimbra is easy with the AnyFrame Zimlet. This Zimlet allows you to embed up to 3 websites as a tab in Zimbra...

Downloads: 49 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Utilities, Web

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This guide describes how to use Elastic Stack with Zimbra by using Centralized Logging based on RSyslog. The main benefits of using Elastic Stack combined with Centralized Logging: Makes it easy...

Downloads: 359 | Categories: Developer Tools

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zSuitecrm zSuitecrm is a zimlet for Zimbra Collaboration Suite. This project aims for integration of received mails between Zimbra and SuiteCRM. zSuitecrm allows to add a mail and their...

Downloads: 20084 | Categories: CRM

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Share files directly from you RushFiles account. This zimlet allows user to share files directly from their RushFiles account. A new public link (optionally password protected) is automatically...

Downloads: 131 | Categories: Photos and Files

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With this Zimlet administrators can change the behaviour of the navigation buttons in Zimbra Modern UI. This Zimlet will bypass this screen: So when the user clicks on the cloud icon, the user...

Downloads: 48 | Categories: Business, Developer Tools, Organization, Utilities

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This Classic UI Zimlet implements the reading and setting of the Sensitivity header RFC2156, it is implemented the same way as in MS Outlook, mainly to keep it consistent. Configuring Zimbra To...

Downloads: 49 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization

Zimbra Email Templates On top of the version maintained by Zimbra, this version supports: - Supports inline images - Supports setting personas/from address correctly - Supports organizing...

Downloads: 6603 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Mail

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Rocket Chat integration for Zimbra 9 This Zimlet will automatically create accounts for your users and will log them on to Rocket Chat automatically. The Zimlet will create accounts in Rocket...

Downloads: 214 | Categories: Business, Organization

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Zimbra with on premise Single Sign-On using Keycloak In this article you will learn how to install Keycloak and how to set-up Zimbra on Keycloak. Keycloak is an open source identity and access...

Downloads: 79 | Categories: Business, Organization, Utilities

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This article will show you how to write a simple Signature Template Zimlet. The Signature Template Zimlet offers a globally configured email signature template that users can use to configure...

Downloads: 294 | Categories: Business, Mail

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Voice Message Zimlet lets you record an audio message using Chrome and Firefox on the desktop. Playback will also work on Android, for Apple devices one must install VLC app from the app...

Downloads: 206 | Categories: Business, Fun, Mail, Organization

With Zimbra Docs, users can create and collaborate real-time using documents, spreadsheets and presentations right inside the Zimbra Web Client. If you already use Zimbra Docs, you can install...

Downloads: 67 | Categories: Business, Organization, Utilities

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Add BigBlueButton meeting information to calendar appointments in Zimbra. Installation Run the installer from https://github.com/Zimbra-Community/bigbluebutton-zimlet. Then deploy the Zimlet...

Downloads: 167 | Categories: Organization, Utilities

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Zimbra BigBlueButton Integration Install prerequisites Zimbra 8.8 and above Installing Use the automated installer: wget...

Downloads: 1086 | Categories: Business, Calendar

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This Zimlet adds an option in the mail view for ICS attachments and allow to import into Calendar. In addition it also adds a menu option in the Calendar Actions menu to import an ICS via upload.

Downloads: 107 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Mail