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This Zimlet allows you to search Wikipedia right from the Zimbra Web Client. Release Notes: Version 1.0 adds support to automatically use language specific wikipedia based on user's locale. i.e....

Downloads: 5886 | Categories: Fun, Mail, Utilities, Web

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Undo Send Zimlet: Delays mail-send for few(upto 120) seconds. If you have sent an email and immediately thought you shouldn't have sent it or want to change something and want to quickly undo,...

Downloads: 16386 | Categories: Business, Mail, Web

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Is everyone you know, in your address book? Odds are you have duplicates from somewhere. The Contact Cleaner Zimlet will check your address book, and help resolve the duplicates You must be in the...

Downloads: 5554 | Categories: Contacts, Organization, Utilities

( 8 ratings )

Zimbra WebDAV Client User manual : https://zetalliance.org/owncloud-zimlet/ Integrate any WebDAV server in Zimbra Collaboration, currently tested with ownCloud 9.1, Nextcloud 22, Seafile 7.0.7,...

Downloads: 8675 | Categories: Business

Zimbra OpenPGP Zimlet User manual: https://zetalliance.org/pgp-zimlet/ Feature list: https://github.com/Zimbra-Community/pgp-zimlet/wiki Adding PGP support to Zimbra Collaboration Suite,...

Downloads: 10409 | Categories: Mail

The Zextras theme for Zimbra 9 and Zimbra 8 has been created thanks to many feedback received by the community about the Zimbra interface. A better graphic workplace for the daily...

Downloads: 5263 | Categories: Web

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This Zimlet add a button in the new appointment window that allows you to create a Nextcloud Talk meeting from the Zimbra Calendar. Installing This Zimlet depends on the installation of...

Downloads: 42 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Fun, Organization

Zextras Suite powers up Zimbra Open Source Edition. Zextras supports Zimbra SysAdmin to provide real-time backup, storage optimization up to 80% thanks to deduplication, compression, and...

Downloads: 72270 | Categories: Business

Zextras Chats turns Zimbra into a scalable communication platform that goes far beyond the traditional e-mail system. Chats is integrated into the webmail. Create scalable video meetings with...

Downloads: 64776 | Categories: Business

You can use the software in this repository to set-up your Zimbra Open Source Edition server with Two Factor Authentication. The 2FA parts are powered by PrivacyIDEA and will run in a Docker...

Downloads: 1471 | Categories: Business, Organization

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Google Translate Zimlet lets you translate incoming email messages to your own language using Google Translate. In case you receive messages in languages you cannot read yourself. This Zimlet uses...

Downloads: 244 | Categories: Mail

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With the Nextcloud Zimlet you can add files from Nextcloud to emails as attachments, links and inline images. You can also store emails and attachments from Zimbra to Nextcloud. This Zimlet is in...

Downloads: 398 | Categories: Business, Organization

( 1 ratings )

Alerts you when forgetting to attach an attachment when sending an email. The Attachment Alert

Downloads: 255 | Categories: Business, Mail

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Voice Message Zimlet lets you record an audio message using Chrome and Firefox on the desktop. Playback will also work on Android, for Apple devices one must install VLC app from the app...

Downloads: 302 | Categories: Business, Fun, Mail, Organization

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Customizing the Modern UI theme colors and logo With the Simple Theme customizer Zimlet you can change the Modern UI appearance in a fast and easy way. Simple Theme customizer Zimlet supports...

Downloads: 106 | Categories: Business, Commerce, Organization

This Zimlet adds a menu item in the More menu to export/download an email to an eml file.

Downloads: 203 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization

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This Zimlet adds a menu item in the More menu to export a calendar event to an ics file.

Downloads: 179 | Categories: Calendar

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This Zimlet adds an option in the mail view for ICS attachments and allow to import into Calendar. In addition it also adds a menu option in the Calendar Actions menu to import an ICS via upload.

Downloads: 193 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Mail

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Zimbra with on premise Single Sign-On using Keycloak In this article you will learn how to install Keycloak and how to set-up Zimbra on Keycloak. Keycloak is an open source identity and access...

Downloads: 180 | Categories: Business, Organization, Utilities

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Zimbra RocketChat integration Zimlet for Zimbra 8.8.15 and Zimbra 9. This Zimlet will automatically create accounts for your users and will log them on to Rocket Chat automatically. The Zimlet...

Downloads: 1981 | Categories: Business, Fun, Organization