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By: zetalliance

RMail for Zimbra

RMail | The global standard for secure & certified electronic communications

Production ready.


cd /tmp
wget --no-cache https://github.com/Zimbra-Community/rmail/releases/download/0.3.1/com_rpost_rmail.zip -O /tmp/com_rpost_rmail.zip
su zimbra

zmprov mcf +zimbraCustomMimeHeaderNameAllowed X-RPost-Type
zmprov mcf +zimbraCustomMimeHeaderNameAllowed X-RPost-App
zmprov mcf +zimbraCustomMimeHeaderNameAllowed X-RPost-TLS
zmprov mcf +zimbraCustomMimeHeaderNameAllowed X-RPost-SecuRmail
zmprov mcf +zimbraCustomMimeHeaderNameAllowed X-RPost-SecuRmail-AutoPassword
zmprov mcf +zimbraCustomMimeHeaderNameAllowed X-RPost-SendPassword
zmprov mcf +zimbraCustomMimeHeaderNameAllowed X-RPost-Esign
zmprov mcf +zimbraCustomMimeHeaderNameAllowed X-RPost-Sidenote-Text
zmprov mcf +zimbraCustomMimeHeaderNameAllowed X-RPost-Sidenote-Bcc
zmprov mcf +zimbraCustomMimeHeaderNameAllowed X-RPost-Sidenote-Cc  
zmprov mcf +zimbraCustomMimeHeaderNameAllowed X-RPost-LargeMail  

cd /tmp
zmzimletctl deploy com_rpost_rmail.zip

Re-run the install steps above when upgrading the Zimlet to newer versions, only for upgrades you can also run the following to flush the server cache:

zmprov fc all
zmmailboxdctl restart

Keep in mind the browser cache, if upgrading does not work, use an incognito browser tab, or flush browser cache.

Allow encrypted PDF

RMail has an option (RPX) to wrap emails in encrypted PDF's, by default, Zimbra does not allow them to pass the antivirus filter. You can enable encrypted PDF's like this:

 su zimbra
 zmprov mcf zimbraVirusBlockEncryptedArchive FALSE
 zmclamdctl restart

Configure Zimlet

This is optional , see Configurable options below on what you can configure.

To change the default configuration, you can change config_template.xml like this, you must have installed the zimlet before configuring (steps above):

su zimbra
zmzimletctl getConfigTemplate com_rpost_rmail.zip
nano config_template.xml  # make your changes
zmzimletctl configure config_template.xml

Configurable options

| property name | default value | description | |---|---|---| | trialUnitsRemainingTreshold | 5 | When on trial plan, show the remaining message count and upgrade link when remaining message count is

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Latest Version 0.3.1
Categories Business , Mail , Organization
Compatibility ZCS 8.7.x , ZCS 8.8.x
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Created on 5/23/17
Updated on 10/4/18