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LifeSize Zimlet

By: zetalliance

  • This Zimlet for Zimbra 8.8.x allows the reservation of Lifesize virtual rooms with integration of login credentials directly in the text of the meeting message.
  • It was made based on code from Barry de Graaff https://github.com/Zimbra-Community/startmeeting.

Zimlet reservation


  • You can download, deploy and test vesrion 1.0.0 directly: fr_cd21_startmeetiing.zip
  • It is configured in simulation mode (no call to the web service).
  • You can also download the sources with the command:

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Rating No ratings or reviews
Downloads 721
Latest Version 0.0.1
Categories Social , Telecom , Video
Compatibility ZCS 8.8.x
License GNU GPL v2
Created on 2/8/21
Updated on 2/3/23