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Adds a button in Zimbra when you schedule a new appointment, by clicking the button you can instantly add a Jitsi meeting URL and send it to your attendees. This Zimlet is in the Zimbra...

Downloads: 474 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Organization, Telecom, Video

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Zimbra Single Sign On (Zm SSO) Zm SSO is the Zimbra Collaboration Open Source Edition extension for single sign-on authentication to the Zimbra Web Client. Copyright (C) 2020-present iWay Vietnam...

Downloads: 468 | Categories: Business

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The Webex Zimlet creates meetings for you on your Webex account and inserts the link into the location field when you schedule appointments in Zimbra. There is support for setting the meeting...

Downloads: 444 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Video

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This is a Zimlet that helps the user to maintain and use Email Templates. An User will use templates when s/he has to send a lot of 'similar looking' emails but with small changes. Consider an...

Downloads: 436 | Categories: Mail

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The User Session Management Zimlet lets you see all your active sessions and synced mobile devices from the Modern UI without asking your administrator. To find the Zimlet, click the gear menu ->...

Downloads: 419 | Categories: Business, Organization, Utilities

Add a virtual Sticky Note to your emails. Click the Sticky Note icon that now shows up in the right top of the displayed email. Make a note, and click OK. The Sticky Note is...

Downloads: 409 | Categories: Mail

This Zimlet adds a menu item in the More menu to export/download an email to an eml file.

Downloads: 400 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization

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The Zimlet Sideloader provides an easy way to run Zimlets for development and testing purposes without having to actually deploy a Zimlet on your server. The Sideloader itself is also a Zimlet...

Downloads: 400 | Categories: Developer Tools

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Developed and maintained by Beezim. This zimlet allows you to add a Jitsi Meet URL your message body (email and appointment) Install the Jitsi-meet-Zimlet To install the Jitsi-meet-Zimlet you...

Downloads: 392 | Categories: Calendar, Video

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The OneDrive Zimlet allows you to use OneDrive with Zimbra. Save attachments from Zimbra to OneDrive Attach documents from OneDrive to Emails in Zimbra This Zimlet is in the Zimbra...

Downloads: 373 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization

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Developed and maintained by SiFAST. This project provides integration of two leading open source solutions, Alfresco Enterprise Content Management and Zimbra Collaboration Suite. It was built on...

Downloads: 368 | Categories: Business, Commerce, Mail, Organization

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Rocket Chat integration for Zimbra 9 This Zimlet will automatically create accounts for your users and will log them on to Rocket Chat automatically. The Zimlet will create accounts in Rocket...

Downloads: 367 | Categories: Business, Organization, Chat

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The Google Drive Zimlet allows you to use Google Drive with Zimbra. Save attachments from Zimbra to Google Drive Attach documents from Google Drive to Emails in Zimbra This Zimlet is in the...

Downloads: 367 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization

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Voice Message Zimlet lets you record an audio message using Chrome and Firefox on the desktop. Playback will also work on Android, for Apple devices one must install VLC app from the app...

Downloads: 365 | Categories: Business, Fun, Mail, Organization

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With the Slack Zimlet you can see who is online in Slack right from within Zimbra, also you can click contacts in Zimbra and start a Slack conversation with them right away. This Zimlet is in the...

Downloads: 355 | Categories: Business, Developer Tools, Organization, Social, Chat

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ZI-Knock is the admin tool that secure of access process to Zimbra admin web panel. ZI-Knock is tightly integrated with Zimbra, with well-known Zimbra interface, easy and comfortable for...

Downloads: 351 | Categories: Business, Organization, Utilities, Web

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This Zimbra extensions implements a custom auth handler which authenticates Zimbra accounts against an installation of Atlassian Crowd. Centralized identity management Manage users from multiple...

Downloads: 330 | Categories: Business, Organization

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Alerts you when forgetting to attach an attachment when sending an email. The Attachment Alert

Downloads: 325 | Categories: Business, Mail

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Google Translate Zimlet lets you translate incoming email messages to your own language using Google Translate. In case you receive messages in languages you cannot read yourself. This Zimlet uses...

Downloads: 324 | Categories: Mail

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Zimlet Provisioning This is an extension that allows you to set zimbraZimletUserProperties LDAP values via REST API. This is useful if you do not have access to CLI or LDAP on your server, but...

Downloads: 324 | Categories: Developer Tools, Organization