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Zimlet Provisioning

By: zetalliance

Zimlet Provisioning

This is an extension that allows you to set zimbraZimletUserProperties LDAP values via REST API. This is useful if you do not have access to CLI or LDAP on your server, but also as setting individual Zimlet properties on the CLI is very hard, as this is not really supported using normal LDIF syntax or zmprov.

This extension only supports setting zimbraZimletUserProperties, and only one of them for a single user at a time.


 mkdir /opt/zimbra/lib/ext/externalProvision
 cd /opt/zimbra/lib/ext/externalProvision
 wget https://github.com/Zimbra-Community/zimlet-provisioning/raw/master/extension/out/artifacts/externalProvision_jar/externalProvision.jar -O /opt/zimbra/lib/ext/externalProvision/externalProvision.jar

Then set the security preferences using nano /opt/zimbra/lib/ext/externalProvision/config.properties, example:


Secret must be at least 9 characters long, but I recommend 40 or so characters Don't forget zmmailboxdctl restart.

allowedProps support a comma separated string of allowed properties, here is how to get them:

  zmprov -l ga admin@zimbradev.barrydegraaff.tk zimbraZimletUserProperties
  # name admin@zimbradev.barrydegraaff.tk
  zimbraZimletUserProperties: tk_barrydegraaff_owncloud_zimlet:owncloud_zimlet_username:admin
  zimbraZimletUserProperties: tk_barrydegraaff_owncloud_zimlet:owncloud_zimlet_password:
  zimbraZimletUserProperties: tk_barrydegraaff_owncloud_zimlet:owncloud_zimlet_use_numbers:false
  zimbraZimletUserProperties: tk_barrydegraaff_owncloud_zimlet:owncloud_zimlet_server_port:443
  zimbraZimletUserProperties: tk_barrydegraaff_owncloud_zimlet:owncloud_zimlet_server_path:/nextcloud/remote.php/webdav/
  zimbraZimletUserProperties: tk_barrydegraaff_owncloud_zimlet:owncloud_zimlet_server_name:https://zimbradev
  zimbraZimletUserProperties: tk_barrydegraaff_owncloud_zimlet:owncloud_zimlet_oc_folder:/nextcloud
  zimbraZimletUserProperties: tk_barrydegraaff_owncloud_zimlet:owncloud_zimlet_template:
  zimbraZimletUserProperties: com_examplestuff_zimlet:com_examplestuff_properties:{"Username":"test45@zimbradev.barrydegraaff.tk","Password":"dapassword","DelaySend":12}

Now if you want to provision owncloud_zimlet_password, you must add to the config.properties: tk_barrydegraaff_owncloud_zimlet:owncloud_zimlet_password. Or some Zimlets may use JSON, if you want to set com_examplestuff_zimlet you must configure com_examplestuff_zimlet in the config.properties. TEST IN A TEST ENVIRONMENT FIRST! As it is easy to overwrite stuff unintentional. E.g. one cannot use tk_barrydegraaff_owncloud_zimlet as a single request would remove all matches of tk_barrydegraaff_owncloud_zimlet and only put one back!

You can add more security by restricting the IP's that are allowed to call this API using a comma separated list in allowedIps or * to allow from all.

Example API call

The call needs to contains the secret, the property you are changing, the value to set and the username you want to set the zimbraZimletUserProperties for.

curl -k -d 'secret=fo4So5cheez0gul7yee7phoosh0voh2Eitao6wee&property=com_examplestuff_zimlet&username=admin@zimbradev.barrydegraaff.tk&value=com_examplestuff_properties:{"Username":"test45@zimbradev.barrydegraaff.tk","Password":"dapassword","DelaySend":12}' -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" -X POST https://your-zimbra-server/service/extension/externalprovision -v

It takes some time

If you call the API before the user logs on for the first time, that user will see/use the values set via the API immediate. If you update existing users, it takes a while (Zimbra cache) before the user sees/uses the new values. You can restart mailbox to make the change immediate or try an find our how Zimbra cache works (good luck with that).

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Latest Version 0.0.1
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License GNU GPL v2
Created on 10/15/21
Updated on 10/15/21