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Organization Chart Zimlet Modern UI

By: zimbra

Introducing the Organization Chart Zimlet

Recently the Organization Chart Zimlet was added to Zimbra 9.

You can use the Organization Chart Zimlet to display the people in your organization in a hierarchical tree. This is particularly useful for larger organizations or organizations that do a lot of remote working.

The hierarchy is stored in Zimbra's Global Address book and it uses the manager field. This field can be set via the Admin UI or the command line.


To install the Zimlet

apt-get install zimbra-zimlet-org-chart yum install zimbra-zimlet-org-chart su - zimbra zmprov mcf +zimbraGalLdapAttrMap manager=manager zmmailboxdctl restart

Creating Hierarchy

The hierarchy an be set-up via the Admin UI. You can also use the command line like this:

zmprov ma user2@zimbra.example.com manager uid=user2,ou=people,dc=zimbra,dc=example,dc=com zmprov ma user1@zimbra.example.com manager uid=user2,ou=people,dc=zimbra,dc=example,dc=com zmgsautil forceSync -a galsync@zimbra.example.com -n InternalGAL

NOTE: The topmost user account of the hierarchy should have the manager field set to its own account's LDAP field

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Compatibility ZCS 9.0.x , ZCS 10.0.x
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Created on 11/17/21
Updated on 11/17/21