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Zimbra RSS ATOM Zimlet A Simple Zimlet that can be used to subscribe to RSS/ATOM feeds from within Zimbra Modern UI. Screenshots Once installed a new option is shown in the folder list: Then...

Downloads: 22 | Categories: Business, Developer Tools, Organization

This Zimlet adds a button in the compose field in Settings->Signatures which allows the user to add images in email signatures.

Downloads: 170 | Categories: Business, Commerce, Mail

Install on your Zimbra 9 server the zimlet to create Microsoft Teams meeting from calendar. You can use Teams Power immediately for employees and users outside the company. To start using Teams...

Downloads: 232 | Categories: Calendar, Video

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Undo Send Zimlet The undo send Zimlet is a proof of concept not-production ready Zimlet. It allows a user to recall a message that has already been sent. The Zimlet works by running a...

Downloads: 195 | Categories: Developer Tools

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Email Reminder Zimlet Create a calendar reminder based on an email message. Installing Download the Zip file from the Github releases page and install as zimbra user: zmzimletctl deploy...

Downloads: 152 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Mail, Organization

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This Zimlet add a button in the new appointment window that allows you to create a Nextcloud Talk meeting from the Zimbra Calendar. Installing This Zimlet depends on the installation of...

Downloads: 169 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Fun, Chat, Video

Traffic Light Protocol 2.0 (TLP) Zimlet The Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) Zimlet adds a menu to Zimbra Modern UI that allows the use of First.org Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) confidentiality...

Downloads: 206 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization

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Customizing the Modern UI theme colors and logo With the Simple Theme customizer Zimlet you can change the Modern UI appearance in a fast and easy way. Simple Theme customizer Zimlet supports...

Downloads: 261 | Categories: Business, Commerce, Organization

( 1 ratings )

The Zimlet Sideloader provides an easy way to run Zimlets for development and testing purposes without having to actually deploy a Zimlet on your server. The Sideloader itself is also a Zimlet...

Downloads: 579 | Categories: Developer Tools

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The User Session Management Zimlet lets you see all your active sessions and synced mobile devices from the Modern UI without asking your administrator. To find the Zimlet, click the gear menu ->...

Downloads: 590 | Categories: Business, Organization, Utilities

This Zimlet adds a menu item in the More menu to export/download an email to an eml file.

Downloads: 491 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization

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Integrate 3rd party web-apps in Zimbra with the AnyFrame Zimlet Integration with Zimbra is easy with the AnyFrame Zimlet. This Zimlet allows you to embed up to 3 websites as a tab in Zimbra...

Downloads: 267 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Utilities, Web

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With this Zimlet administrators can change the behaviour of the navigation buttons in Zimbra Modern UI. This Zimlet will bypass this screen: So when the user clicks on the cloud icon, the user...

Downloads: 236 | Categories: Business, Developer Tools, Organization, Utilities

With Zimbra Docs, users can create and collaborate real-time using documents, spreadsheets and presentations right inside the Zimbra Web Client. If you already use Zimbra Docs, you can install...

Downloads: 278 | Categories: Business, Organization, Utilities

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Share files directly from you RushFiles account. This zimlet allows user to share files directly from their RushFiles account. A new public link (optionally password protected) is automatically...

Downloads: 251 | Categories: Photos and Files

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This Zimlet adds an option in the mail view for ICS attachments and allow to import into Calendar. In addition it also adds a menu option in the Calendar Actions menu to import an ICS via upload.

Downloads: 287 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Mail

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This Zimlet adds a menu item in the More menu to export a calendar event to an ics file.

Downloads: 291 | Categories: Calendar

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Introducing the Organization Chart Zimlet Recently the Organization Chart Zimlet was added to Zimbra 9. You can use the Organization Chart Zimlet to display the people in your organization in a...

Downloads: 325 | Categories: Business, Contacts, Organization

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Empty subject Zimlet, alerts you when sending an email without subject. For developers it is introducing a new way to create a modal dialog and also introduces the use of Event Handlers using...

Downloads: 313 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization

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Add BigBlueButton meeting information to calendar appointments in Zimbra. Installation Run the installer from https://github.com/Zimbra-Community/bigbluebutton-zimlet. Then deploy the Zimlet...

Downloads: 337 | Categories: Calendar, Video