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AnyFrame Zimlet Modern UI

By: zimbra

Integrate 3rd party web-apps in Zimbra with the AnyFrame Zimlet

Integration with Zimbra is easy with the AnyFrame Zimlet. This Zimlet allows you to embed up to 3 websites as a tab in Zimbra Modern UI. You can even choose where you want the integrations to appear in the UI. And you can also limit the visibility of the tabs on a per domain or class of service (CoS) basis.

To install the Zimlet you can download it to your server and run the following command as user zimbra:

zmzimletctl deploy zimbra-zimlet-anyframe.zip 

To configure the Zimlet create a file /tmp/config_template.xml with the following content: https://github.com/Zimbra/zimbra-zimlet-anyframe/blob/main/zimlet/config_template.xml

You can configure up to 3 custom integration tabs via the properties tab1, tab2 and tab3. If you only need one tab, just leave the properties for the other tabs emtpy, see example on Github.

Each tab you want to use has to be configured via JSON, please note that you have to include all JSON properties, even if you do not use them:

    "url": "https://blog.zimbra.com/",
    "icon": "https://www.zimbra.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Zimbra_favicon_144x144.png",
    "name": "Zimbra Blog",
    "route": "/cloudapps/",
    "allowDomains": "",
    "allowCOSID": ""

Here are the JSON properties explained:

Property Description
url url of the website to be displayed in a tab
icon url to the icon to be displayed on the tab
name name to be displayed on the tab
route choose between /, /cloudapps/ or /chatapps/ to display the tab under the puzzle, cloud or chat vertical
allowDomains comma separated list of domains to allow or empty to allow for all
allowCOSID comma separated list of Zimbra CoS ID's to allow or empty to allow for all

To configure the AnyFrame Zimlet with your custom tabs run the following command as user zimbra:

  zmzimletctl configure config_template.xml 
  zmmailboxdctl restart

How to get CoS ID

Run the following commands as user zimbra to list all CoS on your server and find the ID.

  zimbra@zimbra9:~$ zmprov gac
  zimbra@zimbra9:~$ zmprov gc default zimbraId
  # name default
  zimbraId: e00428a1-0c00-11d9-836a-000d93afea2a


Custom tab in the Chat Apps vertical.

Custom tab in the Cloud Apps vertical.

Custom tab in the Integrations vertical.

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Downloads 197
Latest Version 0.0.4
Categories Business , Mail , Organization , Utilities , Web
Compatibility ZCS 9.0.x , ZCS 10.0.x
License BSD 3-Clause
Created on 3/24/22
Updated on 11/16/22