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RushFiles Modern UI

By: tsukaeru

Share files directly from you RushFiles account.

This zimlet allows user to share files directly from their RushFiles account. A new public link (optionally password protected) is automatically created for each selected file/folder and added to the email.


Download the zimlet files from "Download" button below. Downloaded zip file contains both server side (rushfiles.jar/config.properties) and browser side (zimbra-zimlet-rushfiles.zip) parts of the zimlet. Extract them on your Zimbra server and follow the instructions to install both of them.

Server part

  1. Copy the rushfiles.jar and config.properties file to /opt/zimbra/lib/ext/rushfiles/
  2. In Zimbra server console run:
    su - zimbra -c 'zmmailboxdctl restart'
  3. Check the deployment result (optional):
    cat /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log | grep -i rushfiles

Browser part

  1. Undeploy the previous version if exists:
    su - zimbra -c 'zmzimletctl undeploy zimbra-zimlet-rushfiles'
  2. Copy the new zimbra-zimlet-rushfiles.zip file to /opt/zimbra/zimlets/zimbra-zimlet-rushfiles.zip
  3. Deploy the new package:
    su - zimbra -c 'zmzimletctl deploy /opt/zimbra/zimlets/zimbra-zimlet-rushfiles.zip'
  4. Dump the config file:
    zmzimletctl getConfigTemplate /opt/zimbra/zimlets/zimbra-zimlet-rushfiles.zip > /tmp/config_template.xml
  5. (optional) Modify the /tmp/config_template.xml file - only necessary if server side of the extension is installed in non-default location.
  6. Apply the configuration:
    zmzimletctl configure /tmp/config_template.xml
  7. Restart Zimbra:
    su - zimbra -c 'zmmailboxdctl restart'
  8. Enable the zimlet in Zimbra Admin: Configure > Class of Service > Choose the COS > Zimlets -> zimbra-zimlet-rushfiles -> available = on

Client configuration

RushFiles API authorization is done through OAuth2 protocol. Settings should be stored in config.properties file. In the config, you need to replace the following placeholders: CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_SECRET, HOST. At first, fill out HOST only. The remaining values should be replaced after OAuth client registration.

Client registration

To register the zimlet as RushFiles client, please contact RushFiles support: support@tsukaeru.net. You should specify the following in the request:

  • Login Redirect URI: [the config's value of the oauth2.urlauthorizationcallback]
  • Logout Redirect URI: [the config's value of the oauth2.urllogoutcallback]

In the answer, you will get the client id and the client secret that should replace CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET.

At last, restart zimbra to apply new config:
su - zimbra -c 'zmmailboxdctl restart'

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Created on 12/22/21
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