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zimslabim - Zimbra to Sql Ldap Address Book Importer zimslabimp is PHP script to download one or more address books from your ZCS server and automatically import them into a SQL database and/or a...

Downloads: 1673 | Categories: Business, Telecom, Utilities

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This is an updated version of the Salesforce Zimlet that works on Zimbra 8.8.15/Zimbra 9 and Salesforce Summer '21 (API version 52.0). Zimlet automatically checks if the current mail has any...

Downloads: 2272 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Contacts, CRM, Mail, Organization

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Downloads: 2238 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization

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ZCard is a Zimbra contacts sync client for Android. Due to its implementation as sync adapter it integrates seamlessly with the default People / Contacts app. ZCard does not rely on CardDav or...

Downloads: 3065 | Categories: Business, Contacts, Fun, Mail, Organization, Photos and Files, Social, Telecom, Utilities

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QuiVIDEO Zimlet is a professional tool combining a cloud videoconference service powered by Vidyo, with Zimbra mail and collaboration system. This brand new combination enables QuiVIDEO...

Downloads: 2635 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Contacts, Organization, Telecom, Utilities, Web

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ZadmiN lets you manage, monitor and administer any number of Zimbra email servers from your Android smartphone or tablet. You can easily:• View the status of all running services on the server•...

Downloads: 3559 | Categories: Business, Developer Tools, Mail, Organization, Utilities

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  ZDrive brings the full Zimbra Documents and Briefcase experience to your Android smartphone or tablet. ZDrive allows you to store all your files in your Zimbra account's Briefcase, so you...

Downloads: 5362 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Photos and Files, Social, Utilities

( 1 ratings )

A zimlet for Google Drive integration. Allows the user to attach Google Drive documents to emails. This email requires the creation of a Google APIs console project. Please refer to the README...

Downloads: 5852 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Photos and Files

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Downloads: 2632 | Categories: Fun, Social, Web

This zimlet shows weather information in Japan in miniCal area and on a dialog box.    Features: You can use your location information on Firefox and Chrome. You can select a...

Downloads: 1357 | Categories: Fun, Utilities, Web

This zimlet checks a recipient address of a composing email and shows a confirmation dialog box. You can checks if it will be sent to a correct recipient.    Features Checks whether...

Downloads: 1628 | Categories: Mail

( 4 ratings )

The Free SightCall Video Calling Zimlet makes video calling instantly accessible to Zimbra users from their Zimbra email box, address book and calendar. The SightCall Video Calling Zimlet...

Downloads: 13418 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Contacts, CRM, Developer Tools, Mail, Photos and Files, Social, Telecom, Utilities, Web

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Downloads: 1463 | Categories: Business, CRM

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Downloads: 2669 | Categories: Business, Telecom

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This is the first available version of EML Download. It allows you to download your messages directly in plain text (not .tgz or .zip). Tested on Zimbra ZCS 8.0 (Internet Explorer not...

Downloads: 6257 | Categories: Business, Mail, Utilities

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  This extension enables administrators to modify the current out of office information for a user without switching to his or her mailbox view. This basically incorporates the "Vacation"...

Downloads: 2721 | Categories: Business, Utilities

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Provides integration with Dropbox for attaching a Dropbox file to a new message as well as saving attachments to Dropbox. Please see the README file as this Zimlet requires registering an app...

Downloads: 11089 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Photos and Files

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Downloads: 3623 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Utilities

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The VNC Mail History Zimlet is a Zimlet package for Zimbra. It allows users to track sent emails. Features: No configuration required Track emails Display history in tabular format Printing...

Downloads: 1843 | Categories: Mail

Zextras Chats turns Zimbra into a scalable communication platform that goes far beyond the traditional e-mail system. Chats is integrated into the webmail. Create scalable video meetings with...

Downloads: 64777 | Categories: Business