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Out Of Office Alert Zimlet This Classic UI Zimlets displays an alert as soon as you enter an email address in to/cc/bcc of someone with an active out of office reply. Avoid putting time in...

Downloads: 10 | Categories: Mail

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The Dropbox Zimlet allows you to use Dropbox with Zimbra. Save attachments from Zimbra to Dropbox Attach documents from Dropbox to Emails in Zimbra This Zimlet is in the Zimbra repositories...

Downloads: 709 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization

Add a virtual Sticky Note to your emails. Click the Sticky Note icon that now shows up in the right top of the displayed email. Make a note, and click OK. The Sticky Note is...

Downloads: 409 | Categories: Mail

Traffic Light Protocol 2.0 (TLP) Zimlet The Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) Zimlet adds a menu to Zimbra Modern UI that allows the use of First.org Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) confidentiality...

Downloads: 162 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization

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Email Reminder Zimlet Create a calendar reminder based on an email message. Installing Download the Zip file from the Github releases page and install as zimbra user: zmzimletctl deploy...

Downloads: 110 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Mail, Organization

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Salesforce Zimlet Email2Case This Zimlet adds a Email2Case menu item in the More menu. Get zimbra-zimlet-salesforce.zip from Github and follow the install instrunctions from the README.

Downloads: 307 | Categories: Business, Commerce, Mail, Organization

Zimbra Email Templates On top of the version maintained by Zimbra, this version supports: - Supports inline images - Supports setting personas/from address correctly - Supports organizing...

Downloads: 7071 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Mail

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With this Zimlet and extension you can configure per-user attachment limits. It works out of the box on a single server installation. On a multi-server setup you have to find a way to sync the...

Downloads: 70 | Categories: Mail, Organization

This Zimlet adds a button in the compose field in Settings->Signatures which allows the user to add images in email signatures.

Downloads: 98 | Categories: Business, Commerce, Mail

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Integrate 3rd party web-apps in Zimbra with the AnyFrame Zimlet Integration with Zimbra is easy with the AnyFrame Zimlet. This Zimlet allows you to embed up to 3 websites as a tab in Zimbra...

Downloads: 219 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Utilities, Web

Zimbra OpenPGP Zimlet This Zimlet is deprecated and will not be supported on Zimbra versions beyond 9.0 User manual: https://zetalliance.org/pgp-zimlet/ Feature list:...

Downloads: 10681 | Categories: Mail

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This is a Zimlet that helps the user to maintain and use Email Templates. An User will use templates when s/he has to send a lot of 'similar looking' emails but with small changes. Consider an...

Downloads: 436 | Categories: Mail

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This Zimlet allows you to search Wikipedia right from the Zimbra Web Client. Release Notes: Version 1.0 adds support to automatically use language specific wikipedia based on user's locale. i.e....

Downloads: 5989 | Categories: Fun, Mail, Utilities, Web

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Undo Send Zimlet: Delays mail-send for few(upto 120) seconds. If you have sent an email and immediately thought you shouldn't have sent it or want to change something and want to quickly undo,...

Downloads: 16665 | Categories: Business, Mail, Web

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Google Translate Zimlet lets you translate incoming email messages to your own language using Google Translate. In case you receive messages in languages you cannot read yourself. This Zimlet uses...

Downloads: 324 | Categories: Mail

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Alerts you when forgetting to attach an attachment when sending an email. The Attachment Alert

Downloads: 325 | Categories: Business, Mail

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Voice Message Zimlet lets you record an audio message using Chrome and Firefox on the desktop. Playback will also work on Android, for Apple devices one must install VLC app from the app...

Downloads: 365 | Categories: Business, Fun, Mail, Organization

This Zimlet adds a menu item in the More menu to export/download an email to an eml file.

Downloads: 400 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization

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This Zimlet adds an option in the mail view for ICS attachments and allow to import into Calendar. In addition it also adds a menu option in the Calendar Actions menu to import an ICS via upload.

Downloads: 266 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Mail

Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) Zimlet Classic UI The Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) Zimlet adds a menu to Zimbra Classic UI that allows the use of First.org Traffic Light Protocol (TLP)...

Downloads: 168 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization