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ZDrive: Zimbra Cloud Drive

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ZDrive brings the full Zimbra Documents and Briefcase experience to your Android smartphone or tablet.

ZDrive allows you to store all your files in your Zimbra account's Briefcase, so you can securely access them from anywhere and share them with others.



✔ Upload files to your server directly from your Android device

✔ Use the ZDrive app to access your photos, documents, videos, music and other files stored in your Zimbra Briefcase

✔ Share your files with other apps on your device Attach files to emails and post pictures directly to your Facebook or Twitter timelines

✔ Upload multiple files shared from other apps directly into your Zimbra Briefcase

✔ Take pictures, capture videos or record audio clips and upload them directly to your Briefcase

✔ Share your files and folders with other users on your Zimbra server

✔ Access files other users on your server have shared with you

✔ Built-in rich text editor for quick and easy editing of Zimbra documents on the go

✔ Collaborate and author documents with multiple users

✔ View and manage document versions and history, refer or switch to previous versions

✔ Cache files locally and access them when you are offline

✔ Search and sort your documents to quickly find what you are looking for

✔ Tag documents, filter documents by tag

✔ Supports multiple accounts on multiple servers

✔ Works with both community and Network editions of Zimbra version 6 and above



Whats new:


 - Drawer UI - Swipe from left for accounts and folders. Swipe from right to sort and filter by tag

 - Multi select support. Long press or touch icon/thumbnail to activate multi selection

 - Added video capture

 - Added image and video thumbnails

 - Added Tag support

 - Added support for folder hierarchies

 - Added option to move folders

 - Added option to clear locally cached files

 - Improved visual cues for locally cached and remote files.

 - Minor localization bug fix

 - Minor bug fix when warning about invalid SSL certificates on some devices

 - Android 4.4 style document picker. External apps can directly create / edit files stored in Zimbra

 - Automatic Backups - Backup your Camera, Documents, Pictures, Music and Videos to your Briefcase

 - A Voice Recorder for voice memos is now included with the app, as newer versions of Android no longer come with a built-in voice recorder


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Rating ( 1 ratings )
Downloads 5569
Latest Version 2.3
Categories Mail , Photos and Files , Social , Utilities
Compatibility ZCS Legacy
License No License Specified
Created on 9/30/13
Updated on 10/8/15


  • Awesome app, turns Zimbra Briefcase into a proper file cloud 

    By: storm on on 7/1/15 for version 2.0

    This app is a must-have.It is rapidly approaching feature parity with Google Drive, Box.net, and Dropbox but ONLY for Android users.The developers are comprehensive and rapid in their responsiveness.Desktop users still have no comparable features on the devices, and all SaaS users suffer from Zimbra Briefcase storage being relatively expensive. Please can we have an equivalent to purchase for desktop/laptop users?