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Zextras Theme for Zimbra OSE

By: ZxCommunity

The Zextras theme for Zimbra 9 and Zimbra 8 has been created thanks to many feedback received by the community about the Zimbra interface.

  • A better graphic workplace for the daily use.
  • Modern-looking.
  • No need to change your work routine! We didn’t modify the classic UI you know.
  • The Zextras theme is designed for Zimbra Network Edition and Open Source Edition.
  • The Zextras theme is compatible with Zimbra 8 and Zimbra 9.

*The theme is already included in Zextras Suite for Zimbra OSE starting from the version 3.1.5.

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Rating No ratings or reviews
Downloads 10210
Latest Version 3.12
Compatibility ZCS 8.8.x , ZCS 9.0.x
License NA
Created on 8/4/22
Updated on 8/24/22