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ProcessMaker Zimlet

By: hugoloza

Use the ProcessMaker Zimlet to connect Zimbra to ProcessMaker open source BPM software suite. Set up preferences (user, password, server, and workspace), and then start or open your ProcessMaker cases. Find out more at: https://www.processmaker.com


How it Works

Zimbra will now contain an extra tab labeled ‘ProcessMaker’. By clicking on this, you will be taken to a new screen with the ProcessMaker home area displayed. Here you have access to all of the folders in ProcessMaker, allowing you to work with and manage your cases just as if you’d logged directly into your ProcessMaker workspace.

Dynaforms are displayed to the user in the preview area of Zimbra and the user interacts with them in the same manner as normal.

Note that Zimbra Desktop is not supported.



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Rating ( 8 ratings )
Downloads 8937
Latest Version 0.1
Categories Calendar , CRM , Developer Tools , Mail , Utilities
Compatibility ZCS Legacy , ZCS 7.x , ZCS 8.0.x
License No License Specified
Created on 6/1/09
Updated on 12/10/15


  • Help with ZCS 8.6 and ProcessMaker Zimlet error 

    By: DjLucifer on on 5/5/16 for version 0.1

    I have error on ZCS 8.6 new install, ProcessMaker 3, ProcessMaker Zimlet 2015-12-10-16-03-55_5669a26b5765f.zip
    Error in template 'com_processmaker_zimbra.template.overview#folderGroup': template not found
    Error in template 'com_processmaker_zimbra.template.overview#folderItemOpen': template not found
    Error in template 'com_processmaker_zimbra.template.overview#folderItemLevel': template not found
    Error in template 'com_processmaker_zimbra.template.overview#folderItemIcon': template not found
    Error in template 'com_processmaker_zimbra.template.overview#folderItemClose': template not found
    In zimlet archive template folder is empty

  • SSL protocol error. 

    By: mitesh.choksi on on 12/29/15 for version 0.1

    I get this error if I select https as protocol to authenticate successfully.

    Console indicates that it is trying an https connection while the server is on http.

    If I use http as the protocol then it gives connection errors.

    Looks like the authentication uses https while since my site is http, it fails to continue. Is there a way I can force http connection for rest of the communication? Or better setup processmaker to use https full time?

    I tried to find if pmos2.wsdl file can be hardcoded with http and port 80, but couldn't get any success. The same scenario continued.

  • Error for authentication 

    By: momsecure on on 7/21/15 for version 0.1

    I am just getting started using ProcessMaker 3 but i have an authentication issue . After checking, i see that you need to update WSDL url to version 2

  • skin.show error fix 

    By: quipper8 on on 7/1/15 for version 0.1


  • LIKE IT 

    By: tdrake on on 6/6/12 for version 0.1

    I am happy with this Zimlet once I fixed the Skin issue.  I am just getting started using ProcessMaker and am excited to have a way to work directly from my email and PM all in the same place.  For 5 years I worked for a company that we had to have 3 different web based programs open all the time just to get our work done!  This will work so much better!  It would be nice to get the skin issue fix uploaded.

  • Good, only crashes zimbra.. Is it me? 

    By: ratmonkey on on 2/25/12 for version 0.1

    Processmaker works great as a zimlet, under its own tab.HOWEVER:1) it wipes out the mini-calendar from the left bar, no way to recover it except by disabling the processmaker zimlet.2) everytime you click into the calendar tab and try to click on another zimbra crashes with an error message http://forum.processmaker.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=6410Unfortunately only a refresh of the webpage fixes it. This was the reason why I migrated to v7 recently, however that didnt solve the issue. Unfortunately it's unusable under these circumstances, and the only way to solve the problem is to completely disable the calendar.I couldnt afford to do that so I disabled the processmaker zimlet.If it wasnt for these 2 issues my review would have been a solid 5.

  • I looked at the code of your zimet and noticed few problems. 

    By: tdesorbaix on on 1/16/12 for version 0.1

    It seems like the author didn't see my pm, so I'll write my comment here :-You give compatibility for the zimlet with ZCS 5 and 6. But it should be only
    compatible with ZCS 7.
    -The license is AL, but in the code I can only find the ZPL.
    -The config template is set to allow all domains for zimbra proxy. This should be done only in dev environment , but never in production.

  • Amazing way to add workflow to your message 

    By: breale on on 11/11/10 for version 0.1

    Most users have their email open all day long.  Email, in fact, has usurped the position of the portal for most users.  The problem is that email is broken and way over used. In many cases instead of sending an email, a user should be starting a processes.  If merchandise arrived damanged, for example, a user shouldn't email the loading docks, rather a user should kick off an RMA or Non conforming materials process.  If a user wants to request time off, they shouldn't send an email to his boss, he should do it through a Leave Absence Request workflow. Using workflow instead of email in these cases allows a company to retained data in a structured and reportable way instead of in a maze of folders and tags.For examples like these, wouldn't it be great for users to be able to access a world class BPM Software and Workflow Software through their Zimbra Email interface?  ProcessMaker has integrated with Zimbra in such a way to allow users to attend to and launch processes directly from their Zimbra inbox.  Give it a try! - www.processmaker.com