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By: ilger.com

Today’s Zimlet is “ Downloader ”, a very useful tool for all email users. This Zimlet allows you to save on your PC :

• Emails (.eml) • Contacts (.vcf) • Appointments (.ics) • Tasks (.task) • Briefcase files (.zip)

Once enabled, you can export all Webmail items by dragging and dropping each item on the Zimlet. Alternatively, you can click the “Export” button or use the context menu by right clicking and selecting “Export”. With this Zimlet, you can also download your email folders, which is extremely useful for backup operations. By double clicking the mouse left button on the Zimlet, you access the Preferences menu, where you can choose to automatically delete emails right after downloading them, to free some space in your email account if needed.

**** UPDATE Vesion 1.2 **** Fix bug in Zimbra 8.7

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Rating ( 6 ratings )
Downloads 5978
Latest Version 1.2
Categories Mail , Calendar , Contacts , Photos and Files , Utilities
Compatibility ZCS 8.5/ZCS 8.6
License No License Specified
Created on 9/16/16
Updated on 1/23/17


  • good zimlet, improvable 

    By: paolo.rosso on on 9/2/21 for version 1.2

    Very fast, easy and no problem implementing it on zimbra 9.
    Users would be happier if for the single email they downloaded an .eml file instead of a zip from which they then extract the .eml

  • Problem with installation 

    By: davide.martinello on on 11/9/17 for version 1.2

    when i try to install the zimlet "2017-01-23-20-48-59_58866c3bd7423.zip" i encounter the error "FAILURE Method:[unknown]".
    Can you help me please?


  • Very nice zimlet 

    By: CaPa8319 on on 1/25/17 for version 1.2

  • Search function non working on Zimbra 8.7.1 

    By: zimbrone on on 1/15/17 for version 1.1

    the version of zimbra is: "Release 8.7.1_GA_1670.RHEL7_64_20161025045328 RHEL7_64 FOSS edition"
    with CentOS 7 64bit.

    After the installation of the Zimlet (2016-09-16-13-24-41_57dbf29966728.zip) the function "search" on the "top right" stop working!!!


    • Hi Claudio, many thanks for your interest in our Zimlet. We have just fixed the bug in version 1.2. Please download the new version and let us know if this helps. Thank you! 

      Replied on 1/23/17

  • Search not working 

    By: jorgeNGI on on 12/1/16 for version 1.1

    After activating the zimlet, in Zimbra 8.7.0, the search stops working in the web interface. Once we disable the zimlet everything works fine again. The download link is for the 1.0 version, does any of the upcoming versions solves this?

  • Very Very Nice... well done!!! 

    By: Nestor54 on on 9/16/16 for version 1.1