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Zimbra with Single Sign-On using JumpCloud

By: zimbra

In this article you will learn how to set-up Zimbra on JumpCloud. The technology used in this article is SAML, an open standard for Single Sign-On. When using SAML an Identity Provider (IdP) will take care of user authentication after which users can use their applications without having to log-on to each of them separately. In SAML these applications are called Service Providers (SP). JumpCloud is a SAML IdP and Zimbra is a SAML SP.

JumpCloud is a cloud based identity and access management solution. JumpCloud focusses on Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and integrations with on premise Active Directory, and cloud based SAML IDP’s such as Azure AD, Google Workspace, Okta, Bamboo HR and others. JumpCloud also has integrations with SP’s such as Atlassian Cloud, Salesforce, Slack, Crowdstrike AWS IAM Identity Center and others.

Learning objectives:

  • How-to create users in JumpCloud.
  • Configuring Zimbra as a SAML SP on JumpCloud.

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Created on 9/21/23
Updated on 9/21/23