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Zimbra bash autocompletion

By: fmaussion


Who has never wished to have autocompletion on the cli of Zimbra ?
This project is here to solve this problem and help the sysadmin life.


  1. Autocompletion on accounts/server
  2. Autocompletion on accounts/server attributes
  3. Autocompletion on logging attributes
  4. Autocompletion to restart all the zimbra services


  1. Autocompletion on the domain attributes
  2. Add help when autocomplete a command
  3. Add autocompletion for the zmmailbox command


v2 : Adding the completion for all the zimbra services v1 : initial comit

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Rating ( 1 ratings )
Downloads 2021
Latest Version 2
Categories Utilities
Compatibility ZCS 8.5/ZCS 8.6
License GNU GPL v2
Created on 1/19/16
Updated on 7/27/21


  • Great improvement for server administration 

    By: condealisson on on 9/21/18 for version 2

    Congratulations for this project, really great, is hard remember all commands and too more all commands and their parameters, this script improved so much my efficiency in the server administration.