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Zextras Chats - Messaging System for Zimbra Open Source

By: ZxCommunity

Zextras Chats turns Zimbra into a scalable communication platform that goes far beyond the traditional e-mail system.

Chats is integrated into the webmail. Create scalable video meetings with colleagues or external people. There's no need to install specific software or use third parties services. Video calls are scalable thanks to the powerful Video Server. Instant meeting’s content don’t weigh on the storage.

Use corporate Spaces and Thematic Channels to have a place dedicated to specific teams, or topics.

You can enable / disable browser push notifications.

Zextras Chats Mobile App is free to download, both for Android and iOS devices. Users have a seamlessly experience going from the webmail to the mobile devices.

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Rating ( 15 ratings )
Downloads 951
Latest Version 3.1.10
Categories Chat , Video
Compatibility ZCS 8.8.x
License Zextras EULA
Created on 12/7/12
Updated on 8/4/22


  • Ugly 

    By: tairone on on 2/9/21 for version 3.1.5

    Ugly interface, does not integrate well with the inbox, as it places in front of it.

    • Hi, Tairone. Sorry to hear that. Which version are you currently using? Feel free to open a support request or a new thread on our forums, we'll be glad to help! Have a nice day, Zextras 

      Replied on 5/6/21

  • Much better than I tought! 

    By: SmallCarl on on 12/8/20 for version 3.1.5

    I know the Zextras OpenChat built-in in Zimbra Open Source Edition but this Zextras Team, even in its free version, is so much better! Really suggest to give it a try

  • free and great! Thx! 

    By: edificius on on 8/18/15 for version 1.31

  • Works like a Champ! 

    By: 50asm on on 7/1/15 for version 0.94

     Just loaded it on my server and it
    works great!

    The project is young but developing very quickly. A quick visit to their website shows
    promise of some great features that are possibly coming down the road
    like integration with Asterisk!


  • it works and you can install without effort! 

    By: leocor on on 7/1/15 for version 0.95

    Fantastic! Of course it is at an almost early stage but it works! Users are happy again.At the moment it is not very personalizable and it lacks smileys but ... it really works!

  • Awesome zimlit 

    By: uniden_one on on 7/1/15 for version 1.17

    Use it every day. Love it.

  • Absolutly Outstanding! 

    By: prokennexusa on on 7/1/15 for version 1.05

    This product is absolutely outstanding from the install to the end user interface to the Admin interface. If you are looking for a solid and integrated solution look no further.

  • The only chat for Zimbra 8 

    By: marcbross on on 7/1/15 for version 1.06

    Nice Implementation, and cool integration... waiting for XMPP support but it remain the best we can use on Zimbra

  • Can't use icon replay  

    By: mob24 on on 6/1/15 for version 1.27

    When installing no problem at all.But after received email and right click replay icon, the message didn't show up. Thanks for your hard work :)

    • Hello mob24! Feel free to open a support request or a new thread on our forums, we'll be glad to help! Have a nice day, Cine the ZeXtras Team 

      Replied on 6/4/15

  • Asterisk Integration 

    By: sysadmin@boston-engineering.com on on 11/7/14 for version 1.21

    Is there now an integration with Asterisk?  I'd love to move off of Openfire/Spark and move to something directly integrated with Zimbra and the phone system.  If not, are there any plans to integrate this? Haven't used the tool, but will give it a 5 since it makes you pick one.

  • No word wrap in upper message window? 

    By: A.Schmidt on on 11/26/13 for version 1.13

    Nice Zimlet, works fine. One thing we miss (at least in german localized version) is word wrapping in the upper chat window. Will this be fixed or be available as option in the Zimlets settings?

    • Hello A.Shmidt, thank you for your review! Could you please send a screenshot of the missing word wrapping to community(at)zextras.com so that I can pass the information on to the developers? Have a nice day, Cine the ZeXtras Team 

      Replied on 11/26/13

  • Cool!!! 

    By: sevenbeers on on 2/21/13 for version 1.03

    I love these emoticons!

  • Excellent and Very useful. 

    By: yadhutony on on 2/17/13 for version 1.03

    Excellent ! This is what we were looking for. We tested it for a period of time and is working fine. I strongly recommend this wonderful zimlet. Even the entire ZeXtras Suite is helpful. Thank you!

  • Excelente producto 

    By: Johnny227709 on on 1/29/13 for version 1.01

    Esta herramienta nos ayudó muchisimo, ya que de otra manera no podriamos actualizar zimbra a su nueva version. Felicitaciones y sigan adelante!

  • Recommended changes.... 

    By: diallo0024 on on 12/11/12 for version 0.92

    The ability to chat has always been an essential feature for my organizations usage.  This product provides this feature once again!  Thank you!  Some recommended changes:1.  User can not rename friend after the original invite screen.  I press "Okay" and nothing happens.2.  It would be nice if the chat window was to the FAR BOTTOM-RIGHT within the "Friend List" border, versus overlaying my emails in the preview pane.  The app already uses about 1/10 of the right side of the screen.  I see no need to have chat box any place else, using more space.3.  When a use is "Invisible", other users see their status as "Invisible".  This sort of defeats the purpose of being invisible, I think.4.  When a new message is received, the box not only flashes...but, it also pops open.  It would be nice if it didn't pop open.  It would also be nice to have an indicator other than the flashing.  Maybe a change in font color of name in Friends List to indicate a new message arrived from them.Just some suggestions to an otherwise great idea.  Thanks!

    • Hello diallo0024! First of all, thank you for you feedback! The contact renaming issue and the "user feedback" for incoming messages you report has already been fixed in version 0.94, while the Invisible feature a are being worked on. I'll be more than glad to forward your feedback about the chat windows' positioning to the design team. Thank you again for both your praises and suggestions, for being patient about some "youth issues" of our product, and most of all for helping us making ZeXtras Chat a better product! Have a nice day, Cine the ZeXtras Team 

      Replied on 12/12/12