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Resource Administrator

By: ab5602

A Zimlet that allows users to create and delete their own resource/location calendars. Installation ------------

  1. Install Zimlet via the admin panel
  2. Before testing it out, edit the file '/opt/zimbra/jetty-6.1.5/webapps/service/zimlet/com_zimbra_resourceadmin/com_zimbra_resourceadmin.jsp' on the server and enter credentials of a user with at least domain admin rights. If you load the zimlet with without the auth credentials in-place, it will load into cache and you will have to restart the server to get it to work after editing the file. Notes ----- - If you only want certain users to have access to this zimlet, create a COS for those users and make this zimlet only available to users in that COS. - If users run into trouble with a "license error" while creating resources, please see bug: 9229 (Bug 9229 - resources should not count against the licensed user count), it is a known problem with Calendar resources being treated as licensed users (bug tagged as minor, but more than a minor problem IMHO).


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Downloads 2142
Latest Version 0.1
Categories Calendar , Utilities
Compatibility ZCS Legacy
License No License Specified
Created on 5/13/08
Updated on 10/8/15