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QuiVIDEO by Vidyo Technology

By: inetworking

QuiVIDEO Zimlet is a professional tool combining a cloud videoconference service powered by Vidyo, with Zimbra mail and collaboration system.

This brand new combination enables QuiVIDEO users:

  • to manage their own e-mail address book and videoconference contacts list in one tool
  • to use Zimbra calendar to schedule both meeting and videoconference sessions
  • to efficiently manage all the activities with one solution

By adopting QuiVIDEO Zimlet, users can fast invite people to attend videoconference including the ones with mobile devices - it can be done easily just using drag and drop function.

Combining mail system and videoconference together, QuiVIDEO Zimlet offers a wide choice of communication tools improving teamwork. Thanks to a feature aimed at sharing documents or presentation and to a specific data encryption system, QuiVIDEO is a very professional solution, meeting the needs of advanced business organization.

QuiVIDEO Zimlet is available for QuiVIDEO users only.

To get a free QuiVIDEO account please compile the form request here http://www.quivideo.it/integrations/zimbra-plug-in


Zimbra Collaboration Server 7.2 or higher;

Account QuiVIDEO;

After the installation of Zimlet it’s necessary to reboot Zimbra server.



  • Sinchronization with QuiVIDEO Library;
  • Scheduling QuiVIDEO conferences by calendar;
  • Start videoconferences p2p or multipoint by drag&drop contacts or appointment to Zimlet icon;
  • Presence of QuiVIDEO users (online, offline, busy);
  • Check of Vidyo Desktop updates;

New Features

  • Manage calls to VidyoRooms and H323/SIP Endpoints;
  • Support https portal;
  • Traffic encrypted through Zimbra and videoconference infrastructure;


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Downloads 2893
Latest Version 3.1.3
Categories Video
Compatibility ZCS 8.0.x
License No License Specified
Created on 12/3/13
Updated on 1/24/18