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Post Office Parcel Tracker

By: mosca.br

This Zimlet brings Post Office Parcel tracking to your Zimbra installation. Local Post Offices are the most common form of parcel delivery worldwide and account for a large portion of parcel deliveries. Inova Parcel Tracker currently recognizes parcels from Argentina (Correo Argentino), Brazil (Correios), Spain (Correos), Hong Kong (Hongkong Post) and the United States (USPS). This Zimlet will highlight tracking numbers in e-mail messages and other Zimbra content and display a tooltip with the tracking information. If you click on the highlighted tracking number, it will open a dialog with the additional information. Clicking on the Zimlet panel icon presents a dialog to manually enter a tracking number.


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Downloads 1942
Latest Version 1.1
Categories Mail
Compatibility ZCS Legacy
License No License Specified
Created on 2/19/09
Updated on 10/4/15