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Free Web Conferencing from AnyMeeting

By: AnyMeeting

Free, Full-Featured Web Conferencing Tool for Small Business.AnyMeeting features:6-way video conferencingConference calling and built-in VoIPScreen sharing, presentation sharing, video sharingSupport for up to 200 participants ChatPollingMobileMeeting recording, and much more...With the AnyMeeting Zimlet, you can launch, schedule and manage online meetings directly from within Zimbra. To create an AnyMeeting, simply designate a calendar appointment as an AnyMeeting, or right-click on AnyMeeting's Zimlet panel icon. You can also drag-and-drop contacts, emails or appointments onto the Zimlet icon.Choose AnyMeeting's completely free ad-supported service or low-cost ad-free options.AnyMeeting is a leading provider of web conferencing to small business and has been featured in Forbes, PC World, TechCrunch, Information Week and elsewhere.Zimbra administrators: Note that you may need to restart the ZCS instance after deploying the AnyMeeting Zimlet. Please see the Readme file for more details. (The AnyMeeting Zimlet is currently in beta. We appreciate and encourage your feedback at feedback@anymeeting.com).

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Rating ( 10 ratings )
Downloads 13911
Latest Version 1.4
Categories Video
Compatibility ZCS 7.x , ZCS 8.0.x
License No License Specified
Created on 6/28/12
Updated on 10/7/15


  • Zimbra 8.0.5 

    By: michael.ortiz on on 7/1/15 for version 1.4

    Zimlet does not work with the newest version (8.0.5) of Zimbra.  Please let me know if anyone has made it work.@1800therapist.com

  • Does not work (NE 8.0.7) 

    By: cyber7 on on 6/29/14 for version 1.4

    Sorry to say, but after doing a whole bunch of work to get this going, I found it does not work.  pity...Instsalls OKCan not log in, nothing happensSame with register...Wo8uld give it 0 stars if I could...

  • Unable to install zimlet on ZCS 8.0.7 / ZD 7.2.5 

    By: saidakkas on on 6/13/14 for version 1.4

    Unable to install this zimlet. I wanted to test it but no chance. Please provide an update with a fix.

  • Web Conferencing 

    By: mikebravo on on 4/25/13 for version 1.4

    Anymeeting is very popular and completely free for personal use. But if you look for a decent and secure solution for business use, RHUB web conferencing is a good alternative.

  • Outstanding Product 

    By: prokennexusa on on 3/27/13 for version 1.4

    I have to say, I am hard to impress yet this product has truely impressed me. This is not only a highly integrated solution but it is quite complex in it's functions yet easy to mange. Top notch product! Finally, this was installed on a Zimbra 8 server for anyone having issues, the fix is quite easy, just reboot the server after you install the Zimlet. That is it, works like a chrm after restart.

  • Compatibility Zimbra 8 

    By: roxiolo86 on on 2/15/13 for version 1.4

    It works with Zimbra 8? I try it but dont' work :(

  • Great Webinar Software! 

    By: smg01 on on 8/3/12 for version 1.0

    Free web conferencing software with nice webcam, screen sharing, VoIP or Conference Calling and PayPal integration, check it out!

  • Great app, full featured web conferencing at no cost 

    By: rmenzies on on 8/3/12 for version 1.0

    This is a great web conferencing tool, and the price is right...

  • Clean app, nicely integrated, and free. Nice! 

    By: dallen on on 8/3/12 for version 1.0

    Meets all of our web conferencing needs with a nicely integrated, clean app.  And best of all, it's free.

  • Cannot Install 

    By: mgs868 on on 8/2/12 for version 1.0

    Running Zimbra Desktop 7.1.4 GA (build 11299)....Unfortunately, Install of this Zimlet fails with "Error Deploying Zimlet" message...Have sent support request to the folks at AnyMeeting...

    • Thanks for your comment. We definitely appreciate the feedback as we roll out the beta version of our Zimlet! Regarding your issue, unfortunately we don’t yet support Zimbra Desktop, only the Zimbra web client with ZCS 7.0 or later. AnyMeeting Support 

      Replied on 8/2/12