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Exclusive Tag

By: makicarrental

If you are using tags to track the progress of handling customer requests ("todo", "in progress", "done" for example), you probably have the problem that you need to manually remove the old status tag when applying the next one. For example if you want to flag an email as "done", you have to manually remove the "in progress" tag. This can be really annoying! For this particular purpose we have built this plain simple Zimlet: It just removes every other tag as soon as you assign a new one. This implies that an email can only have one tag assigned. This Zimlet has been build for use in our company Maki Car Rental and fits our specific needs, but we thought it might be useful to others, too. You are free to customize the source to fit your own needs, for example having the ability to make exceptions for certain tags.


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Downloads 4057
Latest Version 1.0
Categories Mail
Compatibility ZCS Legacy , ZCS 7.x
License No License Specified
Created on 5/4/10
Updated on 10/4/15


  • Rainbow tags 

    By: jerryboi on on 9/26/11 for version 1.0

    Is the zimlet supposed to work with any tags or just with "Done" and "In progress", etc? I tried it on ZD 7.1.2. It deploys ok but I can assign as many tags as I wish. 

    • I works with all tags. Works fine with 7.1.3 for us. 

      Replied on 12/11/11