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EML Download

By: ekros

This is the first available version of EML Download. It allows you to download your messages directly in plain text (not .tgz or .zip).

Tested on Zimbra ZCS 8.0 (Internet Explorer not supported).

Feedback is welcome.

Note: You must save the message as *.eml or *.txt if you want to open it with an email client or text editor respectively.


Rating ( 2 ratings )
Downloads 6507
Latest Version 1.0
Categories Mail , Utilities
Compatibility ZCS 7.x
License No License Specified
Created on 3/8/13
Updated on 10/8/15


  • functionality 

    By: leandro.ald on on 10/25/13 for version 1.0

    Delivers what it promises, but I wanted something simpler. like: Save and email selected with. EML.Is there any option or way of doing?

  • Easy to use and useful 

    By: Richelieu on on 4/22/13 for version 1.0

    This simple extension allows user to save a mail in .eml format, which can be useful to send to Outlook users. It filled a need our users had.My only quibble with it is that it saves the mail as download.eml and the user has to rename it. I would prefer something that saves with the Subject of the mail/thread for example. It would be a better default, I think. Otherwise, it works great, good job.

    • Richelieu, We expect to implement new features like that in future versions. Thanks for your review. 

      Replied on 4/22/13