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Email Recall undo send Modern UI

By: zimbra

Undo Send Zimlet

The undo send Zimlet is a proof of concept not-production ready Zimlet. It allows a user to recall a message that has already been sent. The Zimlet works by running a zmmboxsearch on your Zimbra server and look for messages with the message-id of the message to recall. It will remove the message from all mailboxes and place a notification message telling the users a message has been recalled. The Zimlet can not undo the sending of messages that are already on 3rd party mail servers.


To perform the installation you can run the auto installation script as root as follows:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Zimbra/undosend/main/undo-send-installer.sh -O /tmp/undo-send-installer.sh
chmod +x /tmp/undo-send-installer.sh

Usage from CLI

You can use this Zimlet from the command line as zimbra user:

/usr/local/sbin/undosend 953242361.435.1586347147822.JavaMail.zimbra@mind.zimbra.io

So use value from Message-Id header without . Please note, this command line script does not check permissions, so it will remove the mails with the requested message-id if it finds them.

Java Extension

The java extension for use with the Zimlet does verify the From header against the user's account email address and aliasses.

Limit undo send time

To limit the time in which people can undo send, add after:-$2minutes to the query in undosend script if you wish to pass the undosend time usage a CLI argument or just hardcode it.

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Latest Version 0.0.1
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Compatibility ZCS 9.0.x , ZCS 10.0.x
License BSD 3-Clause
Created on 10/17/22
Updated on 10/17/22