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Email Downloader

By: rrao

This new version 1.0 of the Zimlet now allows you to download one or more Emails, Contacts or appointments to your computer. To download, simply select one or more items and drag-and-drop them onto the Zimlet.

Release Notes:

Version 1.0

    • Allows downloading multiple emails or conversations at once in .zip format
    • Allows downloading contacts in .vcf format (if single contact) or multiple Contacts in zip(within that zip, you will find multiple .vcf files)
  •  - Allows download Calendar appointments in .ics format(if single appointment) or as .zip if multiple appointments are downloaded.

Version 0.3: Allowed to download just a single email in tgz format


Rating ( 22 ratings )
Downloads 79964
Latest Version 1.0
Categories Calendar , Contacts , Mail , Utilities
Compatibility ZCS Legacy
License No License Specified
Created on 6/20/09
Updated on 10/8/15


  • Work on 8.7.7_GA_1787.FOSS, renamed for deploy 

    By: JSalvo on on 5/17/17 for version 1.0

    Downloaded as "2015-07-01-22-30-22_559469fea4293.zip", i had renamed it in com_zimbra_emaildownloader.zip to successful deploy. Maybe can help.

  • Great work 

    By: eugui on on 4/26/16 for version 1.0

    Everything is working

  • Great Zimlet for pulling down email 

    By: JoeBaughman on on 1/19/16 for version 1.0

    We have this Zimlet running on 8.0.x with no issues. So far we have not been able to test it on 8.6. Has anyone had success on the latest 8.6 release?

  • Works with 8.0.9, except... 

    By: alessandro.motta on on 11/11/15 for version 1.0

    Everything is working with 8.0.9, except for the folder download. When downloading a folder, it exports the entire mailbox.

  • Thanks for the feedback  

    By: rrao on on 7/1/15 for version 1.0

    Version 1.0 addresses all the limitations of 0.3 - EnjoyRaja

  • Multiple Messages 

    By: dspinfo on on 7/1/15 for version 0.3

    I need too.Thanks a lot!

    • 1.0 has this feature, check it out 

      Replied on 2/28/11

  • Great work! Feature compress format. 

    By: aitormartinezvalderrama on on 7/1/15 for version 0.3

    Great work! It works fine. It would be a great feature be able to select the compress format from a preference panel. It is har-codes to gzip, and to configure i have to edit the .js.Thanks.

    • 1.0 has more enhancements, please check it out 

      Replied on 2/28/11

  • Identify single downloads 

    By: syanzy on on 7/1/15 for version 1.0

    Good plugin. I have a simple request:If there is only one email to download, please download it as .eml file instead of .zip 

  • Great 

    By: pinoy_steal on on 12/3/14 for version 0.3

    I comment if possible to download email from zimbra as html file. So that we can view directly the email without decompressing it. Thanks for this zimlet.

  • Works with 7,2,6 and 8.0.7 too 

    By: FritzBrause on on 5/19/14 for version 1.0

    Just tested with 8.0.7. No issues so far. I think rrao can add Compatibility for 7.x and 8.x.

  • Works on zimbra8 

    By: siwat on on 1/18/13 for version 1.0

    Hi.. I tested download a contact from zimbra8. It works. I guess all features works on zimbra8 too. Good job and thanks. 

  • eml save on single selection would be great 

    By: mdesign on on 10/11/12 for version 1.0

    But it can't be done easily, because eml query missing some headers.http://server/home/[~][{username}]/[{folder}]?id=123&disp=a&file=asdf.eml not working:/

  • Awesome Zimlet. Can I rob it? 

    By: earlgrei on on 9/20/12 for version 1.0

    Hey,So Awesome work.  I was just about to start building something very like this.  I was looking for some examples and found this.  It does things almost exactly how we wanted to do them.  We are planning on making it upload directly into our ERP software at which time we would probably release it into our community of developers for the ERP product.  Ill ref the original work but I think we are gonna grab this. ;-)  Amazing Job. BTW Tested and confirmed working in 8.0.0GA

  • Problems with Email-Export 

    By: dillalex on on 2/20/12 for version 1.0

    Hi,this is a great zimlet!It works fine with downloading contacts and calendar appointments, but i've got a problem with downloading emails.Only one time i got it work, with one email - but it is put into a zip-file, not an eml-file.But now a can't download any email.. if i drag one or more emails to the downloader icon it is red-underlined.I'm using the zimbra web client.Best regardsdillalex 

  • works only with a single message zimbra rel.7.1.4 

    By: marco76mk on on 2/13/12 for version 1.0

    works only with a single message, is NOT POSSIBLE to download multiple messages with rel. 7.1.4Any workaround ?

  • Want to save email as .eml format. 

    By: tejas on on 8/10/11 for version 1.0

    It should have option of saving email as .eml.

  • A bit dissapointing... 

    By: RingSolutions on on 5/23/11 for version 1.0

    I'm frustrated to see that the only way to save an email on my computer is via a zimbra.tar.gz file (always that name and the awkward format for regular users). Why not only .eml?Not only that it's so complicated, but this zimlet does not work with Zimbra Desktop 7...

  • Works as Stated 

    By: selliott on on 4/13/11 for version 1.0

    Works as stated.  I agree with spot, this Zimlet would be perfect if it would also support saving folders. Thanks

  • Excelent ! 

    By: cosmin.batica on on 10/26/10 for version 1.0

    Excelent zimlet.But doesn't work on Zimbra Destop 2.0.... any workaround ? Thanks

  • same as above 

    By: stiller on on 9/13/10 for version 0.3

    Great zimlet, nice use of the REST interface. I have the same three requests:- Possibility to choose compression format, or just default to ZIP - Possibility to DnD multiple messages (right now it just hangs)- Separate folders with the text/html e-mail and the attachmentsWith these improvements, the zimlet would receive my five stars

  • Multiple Messages 

    By: fviero on on 6/28/10 for version 0.3

    Hey...great Zimlet!! How hard should it be to make it able to download multiple messages?


    • 1.0 has this feature. 

      Replied on 2/28/11

  • Works fine! Extended feature set would be great. 

    By: spot on on 5/17/10 for version 0.3

    This Zimlet would be perfect if it would support project folders, save the e-mails as .txt files and distribute them separated from the attachments. Like this:

    [folder name].zip with 2 folders:
    * E-mails (all emails as [subject].txt)
    * Attachments (all the attached files)

    There was a Zimlet for Zimbra 5 that did this (from StarXpert), but it's not compatible with Zimbra 6 any more. It did the job perfectly.

Older Versions:

Version 0.3

Compatibility ZCS Legacy
Created 6/9/10, 4:46 PM
Toggle description

This Zimlet allows you to download a single email as a ZIP. Simply drag-and-drop the email message onto the Zimlet panel icon to download it as ZIP file.