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Contact Mailer

By: koenvereeken

This zimlet will send a Zimbra contact to a mail recipient. The zimlet will attach the VCF file of the contact to the mail and send it. Go to the address book tab in your webmail and drag a contact to the Contact mailer zimlet entry on the left. A new window will appear, where you can enter the recipient, subject and message. You will see the name (or the e-mail address if no name is defined) in a non-editable field, for verification purposes. After clicking on the 'Send Contact Message' button, it will send an e-mail (with the body and subject) to the specified recipient with the contact as VCF in attachment. Currently there is no GAL auto completion in the To field, so you will have to type the recipients email address manually.


Rating ( 3 ratings )
Downloads 2590
Latest Version 0.1
Categories Contacts , Mail , Utilities
Compatibility ZCS Legacy
License No License Specified
Created on 7/6/09
Updated on 10/4/15


  • Very nice but.. 

    By: azeem on on 11/8/10 for version 0.1

    ....for me it doesn't work with multiple contacts.  All I get is "undefined undefined" when adding two contacts

  • Very Nice! 

    By: adoland on on 9/3/10 for version 0.1

    Does what it's supposed to.  The "attach" zimlet doesn't work for my version, so that's a plus.  Some folks might like and option to send the card in text, but I guess that's another topic.

  • works exactly as expected 

    By: opharabot on on 7/13/10 for version 0.1

    It is really a shame that Zimbra dont include contact vcf export/import facility directly from the GUI.This zimlets fills the gap (for export).Thanks a lot!Olivier