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Birthday Reminder New

By: zetalliance

This is a copy of Birthday Reminder Zimlet that is copied from the upstream Zimbra FOSS source. Tthis version was taken from git in May 2015. It was last tested in 2021 on Zimbra 9. The source was not altered in any way.

Scans your Address Book for birthdays and creates appointment reminders. With a single-click, you can scans your Address Books and display your contact birthday information. You can review and create multiple reminders for each birthday. Multiple reminders help users schedule plans in advance of a birthday. Reminders can be:

  • "On-the-day-of" the birthday
  • "1,2...7" days before the birthday
  • "1,2...4" weeks before the birthday

This updated version of the Birthday Reminder Zimlet includes the following changes:

  • Scan entire Address Book and add multiple yearly-recurring appointments.
  • Allow users to automatically create Birthday Reminders when saving individual contacts by adding "Save & Add Birthday" - button, which allows users to easily create Birthday Reminders.
  • Allow scanning of entire Address Book multiple times without duplicating already-created-reminders.
  • Ability to "Reset Birthday Reminders" Calendar.
  • Added support to quickly select and unselect all Reminders to add.

You may need to change as Zimbra user:

 zmprov mcf zimbraHttpDosFilterMaxRequestsPerSec 100

Also, if you just added dates to contacts, the Zimlet does not see them yet, this has something to do with the cache design in Zimbra, you can refresh your browser (CTRL+R) and try again.

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Downloads 2605
Latest Version 1.1
Categories Mail
Compatibility ZCS 8.7.x , ZCS 8.8.x
License Common Public Attribution License Version 1.0
Created on 12/29/15
Updated on 2/1/21