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This Zimlet adds a button in the compose field in Settings->Signatures which allows the user to add images in email signatures.

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Customizing the Modern UI theme colors and logo With the Simple Theme customizer Zimlet you can change the Modern UI appearance in a fast and easy way. Simple Theme customizer Zimlet supports...

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Salesforce Zimlet Email2Case This Zimlet adds a Email2Case menu item in the More menu. Get zimbra-zimlet-salesforce.zip from Github and follow the install instrunctions from the README.

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Create awareness by using the Social Justice Zimlet. The Social Justice Zimlet will suggest alternative words to use while the user is typing a new email. For example if the user where to type...

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Developed and maintained by SiFAST. This project provides integration of two leading open source solutions, Alfresco Enterprise Content Management and Zimbra Collaboration Suite. It was built on...

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Zimbra send replies triggered by filters (beta work in progress) While you could always configure Zimbra filters to send automated replies over CLI using: /opt/zimbra/bin/zmmailbox -z -m...

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Zimbra User Alias With this extension you can allow a user, users in a cos or users in a domain to create Alias on their own account. For Zimbra 8.8.11 and above only. When adding/removing Alias,...

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Zimbra Bulk Reply Zimlet Bulk Reply allows you to reply to a lot of people without having to hit the reply button repeatedly, this can come in handy if you are organizing events or receive a lot...

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GreenRope is the world's first and only Business Operating System.  When your organization consolidates and simplifies sales, marketing, and operations in to one platform, it saves you time...

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This zimlet is used to allow you to shorten the ugly long briefcase file URL to share with other. You can choose any of the three shorten url providers, bit.ly, s8.hk or sina.com, in the...

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The zimlet can check and trace the real-time delivery information, transmitted by Chinese popular logistics companies. Those logistics companies are the biggest support for almost Chinese...

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What is Groupon? "Groupon negotiates huge discounts—usually 50-90% off—with popular businesses. We send the deals to thousands of subscribers in our free daily email, and we send the businesses a...

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Attach Contacts Zimlet - Allows you to easily attach contacts in vCard(.vcf) format from Address Book to the mail being composed.   You can attach Contacts in two different places: In...

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Automatically converts your company's blog posts into email-signature and helps dramatically improve quality and quantity of your blog's reach by democratizing it. As you know almost every...

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Track UPS and FedEx packages with a single click. This Zimlet will highlight UPS and FedEx tracking numbers in email messages. When you click, you are linked to shipping information.

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By: rrao

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Searches the Amazon.com site for books based on the ISBN identifier. Double-click on Amazon Zimlet panel icon to display a search dialog. Type any search keyword and click search. The Amazon.com...

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