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Based on the EML downloader code I created a more convenient downloader. It is placed in the context menu if you right-click a message (or a bunch of selected messages). It creates the filename...

Downloads: 4349 | Categories: Mail

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Meldmail transforms your inbox and groups emails by contacts, so you can connect with friends instantly and filter out spammers quickly. Experience an Inbox that's up to 90% smaller and respond to...

Downloads: 1863 | Categories: Mail

( 6 ratings )

Today’s Zimlet is “ Downloader ”, a very useful tool for all email users. This Zimlet allows you to save on your PC : • Emails (.eml) • Contacts (.vcf) • Appointments (.ics) • Tasks...

Downloads: 5455 | Categories: Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Photos and Files, Utilities

Downloads: 4496 | Categories: Mail, Business, Organization, Utilities, Web

Today, more than ever, email has become an essential tool for daily use and for transferring files and communications of various types. You may have had the experience of sending an unfinished...

Downloads: 6230 | Categories: Mail

( 2 ratings )

Calendars and appointment planning are essential tools for optimizing work. With this Zimlet, you can print all your appointments and even select the calendars you want to include. The generated...

Downloads: 1942 | Categories: Calendar

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Block hyperlinks inside mail messages

Downloads: 1743 | Categories: Mail

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This is a python library to easily access the Zimbra SOAP API programatically. For further informations consult the README-file.

Downloads: 1447 | Categories: Utilities

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  This extension enables administrators to modify the current out of office information for a user without switching to his or her mailbox view. This basically incorporates the "Vacation"...

Downloads: 2719 | Categories: Business, Utilities

( 8 ratings )

Use the ProcessMaker Zimlet to connect Zimbra to ProcessMaker open source BPM software suite. Set up preferences (user, password, server, and workspace), and then start or open your ProcessMaker...

Downloads: 8799 | Categories: Business, Calendar, CRM, Developer Tools, Mail, Organization, Utilities, Web

No ratings or reviews

Downloads: 2238 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization

( 22 ratings )

This new version 1.0 of the Zimlet now allows you to download one or more Emails, Contacts or appointments to your computer. To download, simply select one or more items and drag-and-drop them...

Downloads: 79565 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Organization, Utilities

( 1 ratings )

A zimlet for Google Drive integration. Allows the user to attach Google Drive documents to emails. This email requires the creation of a Google APIs console project. Please refer to the README...

Downloads: 5850 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Photos and Files

( 3 ratings )

LinkedIn Zimlet is the zimlet that allow you to integrate Linked with your Zimbra Web Client.

Downloads: 3420 | Categories: Business, Social

( 5 ratings )

Smart Scheduler Zimlet which can suggest a meeting time based on free/busy status of attendees and search criteria. Schedules an appointment based on a drag-and-dropped message and will auto-add...

Downloads: 22700 | Categories: Calendar, Organization, Utilities

( 2 ratings )

This Zimlet Highlights the search text using Yellow background after a search. We think this is extremely helpful especially when we are dealing with emails with a large body.   It also...

Downloads: 4345 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Web

Add Smartsheet for online project management, simple sales pipeline management and other types of collaborative work management. Smartsheet features include: Flexible spreadsheet-like interface...

Downloads: 28240 | Categories: Business, Calendar, CRM, Organization, Web

( 14 ratings )

Every day, when you first login, this Zimlet scans your calendar and sends out a summary email about the current day’s events. To make it easier to read, the appointments are sorted and divided...

Downloads: 11076 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Mail, Organization, Utilities

PDF files are well-known format as they are standard document user for presenting documents which is independent of any application software, hardware and operating systems. The portability of PDF...

Downloads: 5183 | Categories: Utilities

( 1 ratings )

This Zimlet brings about many top RSS feeds across four categories ("Top Stories", "Finance", "Politics" & "Technology") into Zimbra. Click the Zimlet panel icon and Subscribe to your favorite...

Downloads: 6122 | Categories: Business, Fun, Mail, Social, Utilities, Web